Our Story

Mr. Gentleman (Singapore), Mr. G, a custom menswear label with big dreams. Started by two local entrepreneurs, Gary Ong and Jonathan Wong. Mr.G focuses on bringing about quality, fully custom-made clothing within arm’s reach.

Mr. G emphasises on going the extra mile for our clients by not having a physical store-front. Our sole focus is to bring about the attentive service when clients get measured at the comfort of their own homes or offices. Through conversation, we get to understand the needs of every individual and establish the strong relationship needed in the process.

Mr. G strongly believes that if an individual can begin to pay attention to the details of the look he carries, he should be able to pay attention to the values within him as well. After all, it is not only about the exterior that makes up the worth of a man, it is what is on the inside as well. Mr. G does not only want their clients to look good but to feel confident about the future because the impression of him is about to glow like no other.

Though in life, we can’t always choose what we do, but we can always choose the kind of a man we want to be. Today, we will make that choice to be Mr. G.